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Monday, August 30, 2010

First Week of School Update

Day 1: Started out great and went exceptionally smooth. The schedule that I spent hours laboring over worked like a charm, and shockingly, even the baby cooperated. Uncharacteristically good attitude from my eldest during the entire school day, and beginning of the year review went much better than expected. Luke is a rather unpredictable student. Some times his knowledge and ability surprises me. Other times it is like he can barely recognize the alphabet. I know that part of it is a food issue. I am pretty sure that he has some sort of food allergy that really messes with his concentration, focus and attitude, but I haven't been able to fully target what triggers him yet. He definitely has a little bit of ADD going on, but I R.E.F.U.S.E. to put him on any kind of medication at this point. I have some natural supplements prescribed by our chiropractor(Go ahead and roll your eyes at that one. I don't care.), that seem to really help him focus, so we will continue to use that for now.

Day 2: Also went very well. The second-day-of-school excitement wasn't quite as much as day 1, but overall attitutes were good and the little folks were cooperative. Aside from little aggitating her big brother out of boredom while he was trying to do his math, things went off without a hitch. The afternoon even consisted of some Charlotte Masonish outdoor plant studying. Schedule still seems to be working wonderfully, much to my shock and amazement.

Day 3: Things are still going very well. I keep wondering when the bottom is going to fall out...

Day 4: Days 1-3 I was the good homeschool mom, getting up early(by an alarm clock, no less) before any of the kids were up. By the time the kiddos were up I was dressed up, made up, and prayed up.
Day 4 was different. In all my "beginning of the school year" ambition, I chose to start P90X on the first school day. I don't know if you are familier with P90X or not. For those of you who aren't, it is an intense 90 day work out. And I use the word "intense" because it sounds a little nicer than calling it "death by exercise". I borrowed all the dvd's and workbook from my mom and was super excited to start it. While I consider myself to be a pretty fit person, I don't think that anything, short of the Marines, can prepare you for P90X. Choosing the first day of school to start a workout routine was probably not my brightest idea ever. By Thursday I was completely exhausted. When the alarm went off I turned it off and slept in until the first little one woke up at 7:30. (Incase you were wondering who it was, it was Ray. Ray is always the first of the kiddos to get up everyday.)
Inspite of the late start, school went really well on this day to. It is at this point that I begin to wonder if what is going on, because things are just going too good.

Day 5: Thurday evening I got a call from one of my best friends. She was one of my roommates in college. Her husband is a lawyer and was coming to Beaumont for the day for work and she and her girls were going to come with him to visit! Needless to say, we did really do school on Friday. Luke did some seatwork, but that was pretty much it for school that day.

Over all we had a great first week of school. Even with taking Friday off, we still ended up two days ahead in phonics and one day ahead in math. I don't expect every week to go this smooth, but it sure was a nice was to start the school year. Now, if I could only wash my hair without excruciating pain from my very sore arms. P90X, you have not been good to me....


Rooney's Little Musings said...

So glad your first week was so awesome!

I've had several friends do P90X and say the same exact thing!!! But, good for you girl!

MamaJ said...

HA, well this former Marine isn't about to try P90X yet!! Maybe after the baby comes....we'll see. However, Dan is still hanging in there and doing pretty good with it.

BTW, what curriculum are you using?

Jessica said...

Abeka for phonics, language arts, spelling...yada, yada, yada.
Saxon for math
Learning Critical Thinking Through Science for, you guessed it, SCIENCE! lol
Abeka for history, health, and social studies...

Hannah Andrews said...

maybe corn. It's in EVERYTHING. We know a little girl that her mother figured out that she is allergic to corn and has ADD symptoms. again...corn is in EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

What is your schedule. This is my 3rd year homeschooling and I feel like I don't know how to schedule at all.