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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Grumbling Church

*This is from my devotional out of my Women's Study Bible yesterday. The title of the post was the title of my quiet time.*

"If we don't submit to and respect our leaders, in essence we are saying, 'God, I don't believe you are in control.' Often we are part of the problem that we are complaining about. We point fingers at pastors and leaders instead of recognizing that our own actions or inactions might have been part of the problem.

Problems occur in every church and ministry. After all, God uses fallible human beings to accomplish his work. But it is God's church and he is in control. We may not always agree with all of our spiritual leaders' decisions, but we can pray that God will lead them and guard their hearts and minds. We can examine our own actions and attitudes to make sure we're not causing more problems. And we can trust God to finish the work he has started--especially the work he has called us to do."

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Micah said...

two thumbs up girl!
Easier said than done but it is right on. Thanks for sharing. I think we ALL need the reminder from time to time.