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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Treyson's Purpose

I'm going to try to make this one short and sweet. I just want to give a quick update about the status of the non-profit organization we are in the process of starting up.

First off, we have a name and it is Treyson's Purpose. Meagan came up with it and Josh and I completely LOVE IT! From the very begining Meagan said that she wanted the name to have something to do with Treyson or have his name in it. Being his mother, I, of course, thought that was a great idea. (can't you see me smiling?) So what she came up with Treyson's Purpose I thought it was simply perfect. The name encompasses how we feel about the unborn. They were created for a purpose. Every single life, no matter how long or short, is a miracle from God that has a specific individual purpose. Treyson's life, like the lives of the unborn babies we are trying to protect, also had/has purpose. Treyson's Purpose will carry on his legacy by helping to protect other children. I love the name! Meagan did great!

Now, as to where we are in getting things up and running. We have been doing our research as to where we need to start. We want everything to be done in the right way and in the right order so that nothing comes back to bite us in the end. Plus, as I said before, we believe that God could grow us to be a nationwide organization. Therefore, we need to be organized and orderly from the begining.

The first items on the agenda are getting our bylaws written and getting the roles of our board defined. We are still reseaching and gathering our resources.

Remain in prayer for us please. We have a meeting with the director of the Hope Center for Crisis Pregnancy in Beaumont this Thursday evening. It is mainly and for gathering information. We have also talked to the Birthright Center in Beaumont. They do alot of the same things that the Hope Center does. The lady that Meagan talked to was wonderful. They are very excited about what we are doing and are willing to help any was that they could. She said that the Mid-County and Port Arthur area needs something like this desperately. Her enthusiasm was encouraging to us.

Oh, and those of you who have said that you want to help....get ready! Once we get things a little better lined out I will be giving you a call. Get ready to make a difference!!


Sara said...

I love the name. It just seems perfect, doesn't it?
Good luck with your meeting!

Heather said...

Way to go, Megan! I love, love, love the name!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hollie said...

I love the name and the inspiration behind your organization. I would like to learn more about what you are doing.

sweet jenn said...

I am so proud of you. It's encouraging to watch you respond to God and realize the purposes behind why He does what He does. I can't wait to see this take off!! I am praying for you and I want to be available for whatever you may need...xoxo

Rooney's Little Musings said...


I am so proud of you! You are amazing, and I love the name. Keep us up to date how things are going, so we can continue to support you!!!

I'll be praying for this endeavor.

AmandaHoyt said...

The name is perfect and I so look forward to hearing more about your new organization and to helping some time in the future. This is awesome!
Hugs and prayers,

Anonymous said...

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