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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Take a Hike, Ike!

Well, I just got back from my sister's this morning. It looks like we might be evacuating in the morning, no matter how much I don't want to. It looks like we have a pretty good chance of flooding. Apparently the levees here aren't expected to hold.

After talking it over with Josh, we decided that we didn't like the image of hold Luke and Ray over our heads as the flood waters filled our home. So we decided that we would probably leave tomorrow. I still don't want to, but I left the judgement call up to Josh. Somebody,(somebody most likely meaning me), will get up in the wee hours of the morning and check the weather....yet again.

An update on my sister....
She is pretty much the same. She begins having contractions any time she gets up. But she saw her midwife today and she still isn't dialated. Which is a very good sign. She only half jokingly asked her husband to research how to deliver a baby during a hurricane since they are right in the middle of the projected path of Ike. Inspite all that they are not evacuating. Hannah does not want to risk getting stuck in traffic while in labor. So they are going to hold down the fort where they are. Which is, uh, in the eye of the storm. Oh well. Maybe that is better than being on the dirty side, which is where we are.

Now for an update on baby Weston. He is doing great and is pretty much ready to be released from the hospital. The doctors at the hospital are ablsolutely wonderful and they are keeping him in the hospital until Ike passes through.

Thanks so much for your prayers for both my sister and baby Weston. Just continue to pray that my niece won't come for another week or so.

I will try to let you know our status if we have internet access in the next several days.


MamaJ said...

Oh wow! I didn't know if you were still in Houston or not. I will keep you guys and Hannah in my prayers! Love ya!!

Reese-E said...

Thanks for the update, Jessica! I was just talking to Brianne about Hannah this morning and wondering how she was doing and if she was worrying about having the baby during the hurricane. (Let's hope not!!) Me and Brianne were supposed to come home this weekend for a wedding, but our flight was canceled. We'll be watching the weather from here with all of you guys! Good luck!