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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Uh, check your list again.

I received in the mail today a sample can of Enfamil Next Step formula for toddlers, since my baby will be turning one next month.

Uh, thanks. But you might want to re-check your list and make sure that the baby lived for more than one hour before you go sending them formula and all. Sheesh.

Anyone need a can of Enfamil Next Step formula with iron? You are more than welcome to take it off my hands.

I don't think I'll be needing it.


Amanda Hoyt said...

Hi Jessica,
I'm so sorry you received that. I know how that feels - I remember getting packages delivered to the doorstep last summer (several months after miscarrying Noah) and seeing those boxes of formula was heartbreaking. I'm praying for you today.

The Kyler said...

I know that package probably came out of no where and brought up some heartache and I know that is hard. Thank you for sharing these memories and your life with us. I know it is hard to do but also therapeutic at the same time. I will be praying for you and your family over these next few weeks

Sara said...

Yep, I know exactly how this feels. I got them too and I cried every time I opened them up.
My husband got pretty good at throwing away any of the baby magazines that came, but sometimes things slipped through.
I'm sorry. It stinks. Many hugs for you.

MamaJ said...

Yep, we got them too...How ridiculous are those companies? If you're going to sell our information, at least get it right! Sorry that happened.

Rooney's Little Musings said...

Yep, me too. I was going to call the local pregnancy assistance group and see if they could use the donations....don't know, but worth a try.
I'm sorry that it came at such a fragile time.

I'm thinking about you.



sweet jenn said... think people would "think" before they do stuff. I guess it was an automated thing that just sent it out, but seriously....omgsh...sorry you had this happen to you.

Kelly said...

I got it too. Whats up with that. My daughter WOULD have been 2 in January, however, she was stillborn. Duh..she totally doesn't need that.

I'm with you, anyone need a can of formula for free?