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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Day!

I got up at 3:15 this morning to check on the kids. If I haven't mentioned this already, I check on the kids compulsively during the night every night. Anyway, as I was walking back to bed I noticed an odd glow in the back yard through the kitchen windows. When I went to check it out, this is what I saw.
(Well, minus the cat. She came up later.)

Snow!!! I couldn't believe it! I woke Josh up and we went outside.
Then we woke Luke up and let him go out and play.

When Ray woke up in the morning I took her to the window to see the snow. She stared at it for about a minute and then yelled, "Snowman!" I'm not sure if she was calling the snow snowman, or if she wanted to make a snowman, or if she was just making the connection between snow and snowmen.

The kids had the best time!(even though they don't really look like it in this picture.)

We decided to have a full blown snow day. Snowman, hot chocolate with breakfast, hot bathes in the morning, warm cuddly clothes, and being wrapped up in blankets all day. I can't wait to enjoy the rest of the day!


Hollie said...

So cool that the kids got to experience this!

MamaJ said...

That sounds like our morning! We came in and had hot chocolate and then I put them in a hot bath. Oh, and he and Luke have on the same boots in their snow pictures, ha!

Heather said...

I love the pictures! Too cute! This morning was so much fun!!!!!

Melanie said...

I am LOVING all the snow pictures!!

AmandaHoyt said...

Wow! Ya'll had tons of snow compared to us!! Glad you had fun in it!