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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Lukisms

This one will be very short and sweet. Yesterday Luke made a few comments that were just too funny to keep to myself.

After church on the car ride home Luke informed us that in Sunday school he learned,

"Greet others as you want to be greeted."

Hum. Well, I guess that will work for now. He also said that he learned,

"Do to others as they do to you."

That one had to be re-taught the correct way. We don't exactly want him doing to others as they do to him. That could get nasty very quickly.

Then last night Luke called me in to his room for a little post-bedtime cover straightening. When I was hugging and kissing him again, he said,

"I had fun on the hayride tonight. We sang, Round Your Virgin, Mother and Son."

I couldn't respond because I was choking back laughter. Luke interpreted my silence as an invitation to sing his rendition of "Silent Night".

Hilarious, is all I can say.

And as a bonus, a few days earlier I caught him singing,

"Deck the hells with..."

He wasn't too sure of the words for the 'boughs of holly' part, so he just kinda mumbled something and added, "fa la la la la la la la la!"

That one also had to be corrected. I can't exactly have my child singing Deck the Hells to the shut-ins during the children's Christmas hayride. While I am fairly confident that the old folks wouldn't be able to understand his mispronunciation, I am quite sure that one of the other teachers would hear him very plainly. And we can't have folks thinking that's the kind of things I am teaching everyday in homeschool, now can we? So I said,

"Luke, it is deck the halls with boughs of holly."

His reply was,



"What are boughs?"

I found it amusing that he didn't have any questions as to why we would or wouldn't be decking the hells. My goodness.

So, Merry Christmas to all of you. While you are welcome to greet others as they greet you,(as long as they are greeting you in a friendly way, of course), please fore go all decking of the hells and rounding of the virgins.


Melanie said...

Oh my. I just love that kid!! I think I'll leave my hells undecked though. :-P

Micah said...

Too cute!! I'll be sure to tell Ethan that there shall be NO rounding of the virgins. LOL

A day at the Beach said...

I think I like Lukes versions better! After all, Mary was a rounding virgin! LOL, and there are a few people I would like to deck the hell! HEHE, me and Luke know whats up! And honestly, I don't know what boughs are either!

AmandaHoyt said...

LOL that is too funny!
Hope you're doing well.

sweet jenn said...

This is sooo much so that I had to log back on and read to Ryan. He laughed along with Luke is sooo cute...thanks for sharing!

Heather said...