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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Help me out here, folks!

Josh and I have been tossing around baby names. When I had been pregnant for about a month we had a casual name conversation. I dug up the old list from when I was pregnant with Treyson and we looked over it. We both had a couple girl names we liked and a boy name or two also. But after a few minutes of discussing it we decided to just wait until we knew the sex of the baby and then we would decided. So, when I had an ultrasound at 15 weeks, even though it was pretty early to know the sex for sure, we were pretty sure that we were having a girl.( I know, I know. I'll never jump to conclusions that early again!) It took about 5 minutes of talking about it and we had a girl name that just seemed to fit. So Thursday when we got our little surprise that we are having a boy, we were nameless. When we came home and I dug up the trusty old list, again. This time nothing fit. The problem isn't finding a name that we like. The problem is finding a name that fits. This is where you come in...

Got any baby boy name suggestions? Send them my way! The only rule is: don't suggest a name that you wouldn't want me to actually use. By that I mean, if the name is still on your list for a possible future child, then don't suggest it. I wouldn't want to snatch your baby name. :) But for those of you who are done having kids, or have some cool names that you like that have received the husband veto, then let me hear 'em!


Hollie said...
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Hollie said...

I messed up on my first comment and gave girl names. Silly me, it's for a boy. I guess I got confused.
Some are unusual ones I've read in a book like I remember and like(good guys of course) so here goes:

Bible names

Heather said...

Can I veto Hollie's suggestion of Jude? :) ooohhh...I love Camden...cute!

I really love Jackson! And Eli.

You should check out!

Micah said...

I'd have a Jackson too if my last name wasn't Mak!
Landon is out.
Jude is out.
Nathan is out.
We'll help ya rule some out, Jessica!
Jack C gets my vote ;-)

Jennifer said...

I like Jackson, but Ryan doesn't. We haven't come up with anything definite yet either, but I think we are close. We have struggled this time around to find something that "fits" too and it seems harder this

MamaJ said...

I like Elias, spelled with an "i"...

Jackson is super popular right now, though, there are a lot of Jacksons out there...

I have a friend with a little boy named Maverick. He's one cool little guy, ha!

Michael Paine said...

my mom always liked the name Sawyer.

I like Ben. Brent. Gavin.

I didn't know you were having a boy :( i feel so out of the loop. DARN nursing school!

Mom2Mcube said...

I like Jana's suggestion of Maverick.
Obviously, I had a thing for the "M" names.

Momma Mango said...

I wish I had some good suggestions for you. I'm in the same boat. Our baby boy is due in about 4 weeks and I'm STILL debating names in my head! However, my husband has vetoed Caleb, Austin, Ian, and Graham. Which is okay because I am not completely sold on those anyway... Naming boys just seems SO much harder than girls! Why is that?

I hope you find the perfect name, and congratulations! :)

Momma Mango said...

Oh, I forgot, I also like Javen! (But of course my hubby doesn't!) :)

Becky said...

Can I just reassure you that Nicole didn't have a name right up until the time that we were headed to the hospital to be induced? And she only got her name because of a VIVID dream I had the night before and didn't have a chance to talk to Dan until we were on our way to the hospital. He'll have a name when he needs one. And it'll fit.

melanie said...

I know I'm way late in responding, but the nursery really needs a Brandon, just to keep everybody good and confused. Brandon, Landon, and Brendan. LOL

Okay, something that goes with Luke, Raylen, Treyson ... hm ...

oohh, Elias, love that! (Or Elijah)

hm ... I think I'm just copying names someone else has chosen. Let me think a little further on this ...

Micah said...

I heard a really cute name the other day....


KJ said...

You probably don't know me, I'm a friend of Hannah's and thats how I stumbled on your blog. There are 2 boy names that I absolutely love that are "different" but couldn't use because they are my friend's son's names: Xander (as in the last part of Alexander) & Asher. To me they are different, yet still very manly. And Asher is a biblical name :) Good Luck & Congrats!

KJ said...

I just realized I may need to tell you that Xander is pronounced Zander.

Amanda Hoyt said...

Hi Jessica,
How are you?
Hope you, the family and Baby are doing well.