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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Longer Version of the Original Annoucement

I know I made yesterday's announcment short and sweet, but I had so many other thoughts whirling through my head that I thought best to just keep it short and to the point. We are very excited about little baby number four! It almost seems surreal just to say number FOUR. Wow! What a blessing!

We have actually known for quite awhile that I was pregnant, but chose to keep it under wraps this time around. I guess after having Treyson I felt more like keeping it to myself for a little while. I don't in any way want to give the impression that since we have been more private this time,(not even telling the majority of our family until now), that we aren't excited and happy. We are VERY excited. The emotions are just a little different this time around. I kept telling myself,(and Josh), that I wasn't worried about complications, but I guess I needed a little time to convince myself.

This pregnancy is going great though. For the first month and a half or so I was constantly sick and tired. In spite of the discomfort, I actually found this encouraging. I felt like it was God's way of reassuring me that I was very much pregnant. And boy, I have felt very much pregnant. More so than with any of my previous pregnancies. The nausea and fatigue have improved the past couple of weeks, but I'm still struggling with the issue of no food on earth sounding appealing the majority of the time, but then if I don't eat I get nauseated. A bit of an impass, eh? But what a glorious impass to be at! I am so dreadfully excited about this new baby that all the nausea, weird smells, fatigue, and overactive emotions in the world couldn't damper my spirits in the slightest.

Back to how I know this pregnancy is going so great though. Apart from the hormone induced problems, and, most importantly, an incredible peace from God, I have other proof that things are excellent. I've had two ultrasounds. One at 7 weeks, where I saw a bean with the most beautiful heartbeat in the whole entire world!! And one at 9 weeks, where Josh and I got to see a very squirmy, kicking, arm stretching little baby!! Both our jaws dropped in amazement at the sheer awesomeness of it. (Not sure if "awesomeness" is an actually word, but i'm going with it anyway.) I also had my first actual doctors appointment at 11 weeks and I'm measuring great and the heartbeat it strong and perfect. Things couldn't be going better! We just can't stop praising the Lord for His goodness and constant reassurance!

I will be going to see the specialist at some point in the next few weeks, so I will of course give you an update after that appointment, but as of right now things could be going more perfect with this baby's development. Thank you all so much for all your prayers. I can't tell you enough how much they mean to me. Honestly, what nicer thing can you do for a person other than lift them up in prayer? I can't think of one. And also, thank you all for being so genuinely excited and happy for us. It makes my heart smile to read your sweet words of congratulations. God is good, in spite of our circumstances in life; whether good or bad, happy or sad, how we want things to be or if things are the opposite of how we want them to be, God is still good. But we are full of praise that He has chosen to grant us such a wonderful blessing. Praise the Lord!


Baby Copty said...

Yeah! I am soooooo excited for you guys! God is an amazing God! WOOOHOOO!

Jennifer said...


I couldn't be more thrilled for you and your family. God has blessed you with each and every child that he has given to you!

I began getting to know you many months ago and you have brought me so much comfort. Thanks for sharing Treyson with us. He is loved and missed by many!


rebecca said...

Congratulations and God Bless! I will continue to pray for you :)

Rooney's Little Musings said...


I am Thrilled for you!!!

As someone else already said, God has blessed you with ALL your babies!

I am so glad everything is going so well! Keep us updated!

(Should I pray for the nausea to go away, or stay? HA HA.)

Hugs and Prayers!!!

Michael Paine said...

I am pumped!

Hollie said...

What a blessing to be given a new life to love and nurture. Prayers for a healthy strong baby and mom. I hope the yuckiness goes away soon and you get some more energy.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm so excited for you guys!! Praying for each of you!


sweet jenn said...

Well, here is a formal Congrats. I know you told me in secret and I appreciate and was so excited for you and wanted to shout it out to everyone...but, didn' I am soooo stinkin' excited for you guys. It's awesome that you are having such wonderful feelings of "wonderful-ness". How amazing.

I feel ya with the whole nausea thing. I haven't had a pregnancy without it and can't imagine one without all that stuff, but it passes and what a wonderful time that course, you know

Love you so much, girl, and I can't wait to see how this progresses for you.

Momma Mango said...

Wow! I missed your last post somehow, and just now read your GREAT NEWS! :)
Congrats! Praying that everything continues to go so well! :D

Amanda Hoyt said...

I love this news! So great!! I am so happy for ya'll!!
So how far along are you and when are you due?
Hugs and prayers,