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Monday, June 15, 2009

Giving the people what they want...

and by "people", I mean Rooney. I was getting on blogger tonight to post a picture of my tattoo, just for fun. When I noticed that my blog friend, Rooney asked what my tattoo was, I thought I'd use that as my excuse. Here it is, this one's for you, girl!

I also thought that while I was posting pictures, I'd throw in a few from when Ray was sick. This was pre-hospital when she was actually her sickest. Pitiful, isn't it?

The little black and white kitten is Twitchet. I guess she thought Ray needed the comfort of a cuddly little kitty.

Hospital Day 1

Doesn't that IV just break your heart?

Hospital Day 2

Ray is better now, much to my relief. This was our first my-kid-is-in-the-hospital experience. Josh and I have always known that at some point we will end up in the emergency room with Luke for a broken bone and/or stitches. We were shocked that little sis earned a stay in the hospital before her big bro. Still amazed at that one. She is all fine now though and back to normal. She cute as a button, but as mischevious as a wild kitten. I wouldn't have her any other way.

Oh, and I love my tattoo.


Rooney's Little Musings said...

You Are Awesome!

And I LOVE the tattoo! Makes me want another!

Micah said...

I'm not a "tatoo" kind of girl... but I LOVE this one!

melanie said...

Awww ... bless her little heart! I'm so glad she's better now. :) I love the tattoo.

Mom2Mcube said...

Maggie was in the hospital around that age. They seem so pitiful and so small laying in those beds. I'm glad Ray is doing so much better. She is such a cutie.

I do like the tattoo. I have been contemplating getting one for my 40th b-day. Please! DON'T TELL MY MOTHER!!!! lol

sweet jenn said...

I didn't even know Ray was in the hospital, but I'm glad she is better. I know having your child feel horrible and having to concede to a hospital stay is probably one of the worst feelings. Again, glad she is better.

I don't have any problems with tattoos at all. In fact, if I weren't pregnant would have one too. It's something I've been wanting to do for quite some time now. Yes, I'm sure that my family would flip too, but, hey....the way I see it you are marking your body with something Biblical and something you believe in and something that is close to your heart. Anyway, I know the debate could go on and on, but I love it....good job. Can't wait to see it in real life. I may ask you

Michael Paine said...

Not a better permanent message to carve on your body. Not only is choosing to have that baby choosing life but choosing to follow christ is choosing life. So may the feet represent a child and may the feet represent us following in christ's footsteps.

Rooney's Little Musings said...

Hey, I've lost your email address. Will you send it to me again?

Amanda Hoyt said...

L-O-V-E your tattoo!!! It's awesome!
So glad that Ray is feeling better.
Hugs and prayers,

Reese-E said...

love the tattoo, jessica!! very cool!!