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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It worked!!

It looks like the prayers worked...and very quickly! I am about to head to the hospital for the birth of my niece!!! Hannah went in to labor during the night, and in her words she said,"I'm having the baby today." She is just leaving her house to go the St. Luke's. My mom and I have been waiting all day for our cue to leave.

I'm so excited!! Keep us in your prayers though. Pray that Hannah will have a quick and easy delivery. Pray for the safety of Little Girl Andrews. Pray that will be able to hold my emotions together at least somewhat. And pray for Luke. He is pretty worried that the baby is going to die. He has mentioned in several times just today. I know that he doesn't fully understand everything, but aparently he still has some bad memories from Treyson's birth and passing.

I'm off now! Go Pray!!

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Hollie said...

I've started following your blog recently. Your mom gave me the address after telling me about your story. She is so sweet! I hope she is doing ok after her surgery. I'm glad to hear you are doing ok, and I'm praying for you, your sister, your new niece, your kids, your BIL, DH, mom, everybody to have a great experience at this birth.