Not my will, but your's be done.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Here is a little peek into a typical-ish day. 

This is Josslyn admiring her hair after I fixed it.

If her personality continues as it is, she will never have trouble with her self esteem.  That girl loves herself.  She could admire herself in the mirror for hours a day.
Here she is blowing that beautiful girl in the mirror a kiss.

And now she's posing.

Here are the girls rocking their babies. 

Alik working a puzzle.

Josslyn and her puzzle.

And Ray with her puzzle.

Josslyn's attention span lasts a total of 3 seconds, so here she is with a different puzzle.

That's baby brother trying to help her.  Or eat it.  You decide.

Danil had spilled his drink on his tray, so here he is cleaning it up.

I'm a good worker, Mom!

Kellen saw Danil wiping his tray, so Kellen went and got a paper towel(out of the garbage, since he can't reach the ones on the counter), and he climbed up on a stool and helped Danil dry up his spill. 

All wet from the slip-n-slide.

The green thing that Ray is on is the slide for our new swing set.  The kids were filling their buckets up with water on the slip-n-slide and pouring them on each other on the slide.  They were having a blast doing it!
This slide is fun and it isn't even on the swing set yet!!
Since the kiddos were all wet at supper time, I let them sit on the grass outside and eat.  They thought that was pretty fun.  Especially since Daddy came out and ate with them too.

Back on the slide!

I just recently taught Ray and Alik how to get out the vacumm, plug it in and get it all set up for me to vacuum the living room.  I tried teaching them to vacumm, but they aren't able to do it good enough that I don't have to get the spots that they miss.  They are doing really great though, for just learning.  Ray usually gets it out and sets it up, and then vacumms a minute.  Then I vacuum.  Then I let Alik have a turn vacuuming a minute before he winds up the cord and puts it away.  They are great helpers and really love to help out!

Looking at books after bath time.

Brushing their teeth.

Alik, Danil, and Josslyn seemed to have no concept whatsoever about how to brush their teeth in the beginning.  Since their teeth aren't terrible, I know that they must have been brushed in the orphanage.  I guess the nannies did the brushing though, because they all 3 acted like they had never done it before.  They are getting better though. 

The same goes for bathing theirself.  All three had no clue how to bath theirself or wash their hair.  It took some teaching, but they are doing really well now.
I'm getting the hang of it now!

Working a puzzle before bed.

Danil and Daddy

Danil tends to be pretty quiet.  He doesn't demand alot of attention, or get in to alot of mischief, so at times he can be easy to overlook.  Josh has been giving him a little extra attention this past week and it is amazing how his vocabulary has grown.  Who knew the little guy just needed a few extra minutes of one on one time with dad to totally blossom??
Luke doing a workbook.  He loves mazes, and word find, and hidden picture books.

Daddy and his girls.  I just love this picture.

Well that is just a little bit of what a typical day around our house looks like.  I'll write more soon about how we manage meals, and baths, and potty time with so many little ones running around. 

Have a great 4th of July weekend!